January 27, 2020

RESTRAINTS OF TRADE: What is most important?

Restraints of trade in employment contacts are controversial. Complex matrixes of restrictions based on time and geographical areas are commonly being held by Courts not to be […]
December 10, 2019


Reminder that liquor licensees must pay their annual licence renewal fee on or before 31 December 2019.
December 10, 2019

CREDITOR’S STATUTORY DEMANDS: Unwelcome Christmas Presents

Especially at Christmas and New Year, Creditor’s Statutory Demands can be a challenge.
November 20, 2019

RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES UPDATE: When is a pipe not a pipe? When it’s a sex toy

In 1929, when surrealist painter René Magritte painted a picture which shows a pipe and states “This is not a pipe”, little did he know his […]
November 19, 2019

LITIGATION ALERT: Legal Professional Privilege – a Shield, not a Sword

The recent decision of the High Court of Australia in Glencore International AG and ors v Commissioner of Taxation and ors [2019] HCA 26 has important […]
November 19, 2019

LITIGATION ALERT: Don’t second guess material prejudice: High Court confirms broad application of s 260A

The decision of the High Court of Australia in Connective Services Pty Ltd v Slea Pty Ltd [2019] HCA 33 confirms a broad prohibition against a […]